Edward Johnson, PMP

Trusted Advisor

Raymond Anthony Estevez

CIO, V12 Group

Eddie is an exceptional technology manager, that is always in touch with the pulse of the technology industry. His responsibilities varied and included technology procurement, training, project management, business analysis, and recru...

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James Sharpe, Jr.

Director of Business Operations, Time Warner Cable

Eddie Johnson was originally hired as the Regional Project Manager for the Northeast Region. Through his management of 70+ regional deployments Eddie recognized the need for project methodologies and pro...

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Walter M. Groteke

Chairman & CEO, NetWolves Corporation

Mr. Johnson was first employed by NetWolves in April 2000 and served in the position of Vice President of New Business Development. During this time, Mr. Johnson was responsible for the development of several key...

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Carla Kneipp

Director of Internal Audit, World Wide Audit Department, BMC Software

Hi All, Just wanted to take a moment to thank Eddie Johnson for his time on this difficult project. He came in at a critical juncture and help align the PM organization with the testin...

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Dubby Pollak

Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Eddie was great to work with. Extremely professional, highly intelligent. He brought excellent organizational and program management skills to the project. He is a consultant that looks past the specific definition of t...

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Kelly McSweeney

Director, Program Management, Time Warner Cable

Edward is a proactive and visionary manager, who in my association with him has accomplished growth from a regional pm to a senior level executive. His ability to understand multiple markets/industries and ...

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Lawrence Saltzman

Senior Program Manager, DeSanbor Consulting

I have known Eddie for many years, since before Rebel Visions, and I had always hoped for an opportunity to work with him. When that opportunity presented itself, I was not disappointed. Eddie is inventive and ...

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Adam Jeuchter

Solutions Specialist, Microsoft Corporation

Eddie is an awesome person both in terms of his technical knowledge and his ability to work with people. My experience with Eddie has proven he is a dedicated worker who is comfortable and can converse w...

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