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Prudential: Regulatory Compliance - CARES Act (COVID 19)

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   March 27   0 Comments 

The CARES Act contains several provisions affecting retirement plans in the area of distributions and loans due to the impact and effects of COVID-19 and includes a temporary waiver of Required Minimum Distributions,  the ability to request a Coronavirus-Related Distribution or Loan, and the suspension of loan repayments. The bill contains a new distribution from a plan or IRA called a “coronavirus-related distribution” (CRD). The provisions are similar (but not identical) to re...

Prudential: Regulatory Compliance Framework

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   August 19   0 Comments 

Looking across the Regulatory Compliance spectrum (CCPA, NAIC, SECURE Act, Reg BI, etc.), the development of a framework is meant to address current and coming regulations that have to be managed across the Information Technology environment, both business as usual activities and new initiatives. The framework takes in account the over 140 systems, their respective data retention policies, domains, inputs, outputs, etc.

Prudential: Data Management Framework

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   August 19   0 Comments 

With over 150 projects in flight and more being considered, the company wants to leverage a framework to better identify data-focused projects and apply the correct level of management and respective policies according to how a given initiative is weighed. Worked with senior executives to hone a data governance framework to be used to weigh the current projects and coming projects, and report to leadership as a part of a cadence.

Prudential: Customer Office Data Exchange

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   August 19   0 Comments 

This is a massive undertaking with high visibility. This data project was acutely focused on providing data to the Customer Office (responsible for cross-product marketing). Leveraging several systems subject matter experts, the team was able to create several feeds and services to deliver necessary data to the marketing team. Each with a specific target marketing use with several additional benefits. The project had to leverage a hybrid Agile/Waterfall methodology with a dedicated team and iter...

Prudential: Regulatory Compliance - California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   August 19   0 Comments 

Lead a team for the implementation of the California Consumer Privacy Act. This project requires working with control partners (Privacy, Risk and Compliance) as well as other business partners and 3rd party vendors. I led the effort to analyze what applications should be accounted for and what steps should be taken to implement the right tools to ensure Prudential would be able to search for and provide data to people qualified to exercise their CCPA rights.

Prudential: Regulatory Compliance - SOC 2 - Data Disposition

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   August 19   0 Comments 

To satisfy contractual obligations, Prudential must purge plan and participant data as agreed upon for each respective contract. Working with the business and control partners (Privacy, Risk and Compliance), We were able to leverage previous work done for a previous effort. We developed a framework for identifying wat should be deleted and when data can be deleted with considerations for respective data retention policies for over 140 active applications, the order in which the applications shou...

Prudential: Outsourced Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   August 19   0 Comments 

This is a new 3rd party implementation to support the alliance between Prudential and Computershare. Working with several areas of the business, this project integrates 3rd party data into client facing applications and statements to provide a more robust experience. The new features provide a single place where customers can see their retirement data along with their respective asset holdings and daily calculated values. The integration also provides a single sign-on experience so the user can ...

MUFG: Develop and Conduct BCBS IV

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   July 10   0 Comments 

Establish a Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Independent Validation & Verification (BCBS IV) function to perform a holistic assessment of evidence submitted by reporting areas and corporate functions to attest to their alignment with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) 239 principles. While this project will utilize a 3rd party in years 2 and 3 it will also leverage Risk and Control Self-assessment resources and Second Line of Defense partners.   Value Delivered ...

MUFG: Times of Stress

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   July 10   0 Comments 

Addressing Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) 239, the project defines and establishes a governed framework and approach, to produce times of stress reports (this will feed requirements to Enterprise Data Processing (EDP) , Report Automation and business as usual (BAU) Processes as necessary). Worked with internal resources across the bank and independent auditor McKinsey and Co.   Value Delivered Identify relevant stress / crisis scenarios that could require non – reg...

MUFG: Metadata Content Enhancements

Edward Johnson, PMP®, CSM®   July 10   0 Comments 

This project will capture key business and technical metadata for systems which are critical to risk and regulatory reporting.  This includes documenting the physical location of KDE’s, which is a key dependency for the DQ integrity testing being built via the Golden Sources Identification & Certification project. Phase 1 captured metadata for 8 systems including CDL and EDW. Phase 2 will include 38 systems including AFS and OVS. This project directly addresses the needs of B...

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