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Edward Johnson, PMP

Trusted Advisor: Transformation / Operations / Technology

A Trusted Advisor and Managing Director, Edward Johnson is a veteran executive and specializes in increasing shareholder value and enterprise performance. Skilled at business transformation and process improvement, Edward will identify and triage hidden obstacles to business success, create organizational vision and handle the tactical implementations necessary to realize goals.  Working with team members, establish enterprise-level initiatives and programs to manage governance and metrics for success.


Certified in Project Manatement and Information Technology Change Management, Edward leads teams to architect and deliver blended complex business/technology solutions with minimal interruption and maximum return.  He leads, mentors and motivates teams to acquire new skills, collaborate at all levels, accept accountability, exceed client expectations and deliver excellence.  Execute solutions under time/mission critical conditions to deliver rapid and measurable investment return, by performing merger/acquisition due diligence, identifying problem root causes, creating reusable and transferable process solutions that employ best practices, monitoring and limiting technology spend and negotiating with vendors/partners.


Edward’s mixture of business,technology, information security knowledge and ability to build custom technology solutions are often called upon to provide secure architectures. Industry exposure includes investment Banking, Financial Services, Global Sourcing, Retail/Consumer Products and Telecommunications/Broadband.


  • Vision – An abstract theorist providing long-term business strategy and tactics for realizing corporate goals and potential by practicing idealism in innovation and pragmatism in execution.
  • Leadership - Talented strategist and tactician offering thought leadership, strategic advice, insights for market differentiation and competitive advantage.  Extensive experience in providing business and technology services across several fast-paced and competitive industries.  From Trusted Advisor to senior executives and mentor to future executive talent, I continue to both educate and learn through such bidirectional relationships.
  • Business Development – Driving market fervor through insightful communications, social media strategy and industry events.  Building revenue streams through innovative offerings and relationships.  Fostering client expansion through the embracement of new practices and technologies.
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